Clincal Services

 We offer an extensive range of medical services, led by our highly skilled General Practitioners and Allied Health professionals, Visiting Specialist, Aboriginal Health Practitioner and Aboriginal Health Workers.  We are dedicated to delivering excellent care tailored to your needs with programs specifically designed for different aspects of health. Discover more about our committed team of doctors, their availability, our Allied Health Services, and our specialized programs to better understand how we can support your health and wellness journey. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact us at (08) 8642 9991.

General Practitioners

Dr. Renuka Makalandawa: available Monday to Friday
Dr Robert Reid: available Monday to Friday
Dr. Sally Robinson: available Tuesday to Thursday on a monthly basis

Each of our doctors is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of our community.

Allied Health Services

We are proud to offer a range of Allied Health Services at Pika Wiya Health Service, ensuring a holistic approach to our community’s health needs. Our skilled professionals include:

Diabetes Educator
Occupational Therapist

Please note that the availability of these services can vary, so we encourage you to check with our reception staff for appointment availability.  Our team is ready and eager to provide you with the highest standard of care, addressing your specific health requirements. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting your path to wellness.


Child Health Program:
Our child health team is dedicated to the care of babies and children aged 0-5 years. Services include developmental checks (ASQ), childhood immunisations, and support for parents and families. This team works closely with our general practitioners, and referrals can be made to specialist services if further support is needed for your child.

Women’s Health and Wellbeing:
With a dedicated female GP and a professional women’s health team, we offer comprehensive services that include parental and family support, postnatal checks, and advice on family planning and contraception.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team (SEWB):
Our SEWB team provides valuable case management and referral services, working closely with the mental health team and visiting psychiatrists as needed to provide comprehensive support.