Clinic Information

Welcome to Pika Wiya Health Service, where we provide comprehensive Clinical Services tailored to your needs. Our team includes dedicated General Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and Workers, along with visiting specialists, all committed to delivering excellent medical care.

But we’re not just about treating illnesses. We understand the importance of family in the healthcare journey. That’s why our services and programs are designed to engage not just individuals, but entire families in the pursuit of better health. We strive to ensure every member of your family is involved in maintaining their overall well-being – social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Opening Hours

Monday                    9.00am to 5.00pm
Tuesday                    9.00am to 5.00pm
Wednesday              9.00am to 5.00pm
Thursday                  9.00am to 5.00pm
Friday                        9.00am to 5.00pm

Closed: Saturday, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

All appointments are 30minutes, if you require a longer appointment this can be requested at the time of booking, please advise the receptionist.

Patients are first seen by the Aboriginal health practitioners/workers or the Clinic Nurses. If you do not wish this to happen, please let the receptionist know.

Walk- in appointments are available daily and are triaged by the clinical team.  If your condition is triaged as being urgent/emergency the clinic staff will contact the ambulance service and you will be transferred to the Port Augusta Hospital Emergency Department. 

Home visits can be arranged for regular clients whose conditions prevent them from be able to attend the clinic.  Please speak to the clinic staff for more information as this will be on a care  by case basis.

In the event of an Emergency please present to the Port Augusta Hospital or call 000. We are not an emergency centre.


Translation Services 

Please advise us if you require an interpreting service or if you require the National Relay Service for hearing and speech impairment.


Pika Wiya health service is a bulkbilling practice.  If there are any fees associated with your visit the administration/clinic staff will inform you of the fees prior to your appointment.

Recalls and Reminders
Pika Wiya Health Services uses an SMS system for appointments reminders.  Letters are sent to your home address for other type of health reminders such as immunisations, cancer screening test and health checks.  Please advise the reception staff if your contact details change or you do not want to receive the SMS reminders.

If you require to speak to a clinician and they are unavailable a message will be left for them to return your call. This will occur when the clinician is not consulting and may take up to a couple of days. Please advise the reception staff if this is urgent and they can triage your call.


After Hours
We do not offer an out of hours service.  In the event of an Emergency please present to the Port Augusta Hospital or call 000.


Your Medical Information & Your Privacy:

Our clinic is committed to safeguarding your health information. We employ an advanced electronic health records system that enables our healthcare practitioners to systematically document patient data, order diagnostic tests, dispense medications, and incorporate specialist reports seamlessly. These computer systems are secured by robust password protections and to prevent any potential data loss, we conduct comprehensive daily backups.

Our respect for the confidentiality of your medical records is unwavering. We strictly adhere to the Australian Federal Privacy Laws and Standards, a legislative framework that ensures the protection of your health information. This commitment ensures your personal medical details remain strictly confidential within our care.

To underline our dedication to your privacy, we’ve formulated a thorough Privacy Policy that guides our practices regarding health information management. This policy is readily available and we’re more than willing to provide physical copies upon your request.

Recognizing the potential risks associated with email communication, we highly discourage its use for discussing personal health matters. Emails may not provide the level of security required for the safe exchange of sensitive health information. As a safer alternative, we advocate for direct discussions with your healthcare provider during consultations or through secure patient portals specifically designed for such communications. This approach guarantees a higher degree of protection for your personal health data.